• Mobile Technology Selection - help clients select the mobile/cellular service and technology that best suits their needs
  • Apple Technology Specialist - help clients select the best Apple devices to enhance their lifestyle
  • iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook, and iMac Support & Training – help clients get to know their Apple devices and maximize their use
  • Android and Blackberry Support & Training - help clients get the maximum use from the device and eliminate any questions or issues
  • AppleTV, Googlecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku and Streaming Device Selection, Support and Training - help clients get online streaming on their selected device and support when issues arise


  • Personal Computer and Networking Setup- Network computer with other computers and peripherals (printers, external hard drives, etc) in your home or office
  • Wireless Concierge Services - Work with clients to find, setup and support the best wireless option for their home or office
  • Email Connection &  Support - Set up client email account(s) on computer & mobile technology and provide ongoing email support
  • Home theater & streaming devices - Help clients integrate selected streaming devices into a home theater as well as selection and setup of home theater systems


  • Personal Computer Design, Setup & Backup Strategy - Choose the right computer, platform and backup system for client's specific needs
  • Mac Design, Setup & Backup Strategy - help clients configure the Mac that best suits their personal and/or business needs, setup of the selected system into a home or office network and setting up backup process for the machines
  • Personal Computer and Mac Training - help clients select the best programs and/or apps to accomplish their needs and become comfortable using the installed software
  • Personal Computer and Mac Software Installation and System Updates - perform software installs and update systems accordingly for clients on an as needed basis